Tribal and Scheduled Castes Development

Number of Hostel, Ashrams in the district

  1. Hostel – 62
  2. Ashram – 17
  3. Eklavya Adarsh Joint Residential School – 03
  4. General Hostel-01
  5. Sports Complex-01
  6. Baiga (PTG) Residential School-01

Programs and Schemes

Hostel and Ashram Scheme

  1. To maintain the continuity of education in remote areas
  2. Free electricity, water, housing, bed, library
  3. Rs 1000 / – per month Discipleship.

Shishyavritti –

Shishyavritti is provided by the department 1000/- for Pre-Matric and Rs 700/- for Post Matric.

Student Meal Assistance Scheme –

Scheme for additional nutritious food to the post matriculation students. 700 / – per month payable in addition to the scholarship.

Special Tuition Scheme –

Arrangement of free additional tuition to hostel students to overcome thematic weakness in Mathematics, Science, and English.

Eklavya Model Residential School

  1. Residential schools run for the all-round development of Scheduled Tribes children in rural areas.
  2. On the basis of merit through the Admission Preparation Test in class 6th.
  3. Admission to Eklavya Adarsh ​​Residential School in Class VI is done through a selection test.

Students of the scheduled tribe who are between 10 to 13 years of age and have passed class 5 examination will be able to apply for the selection tests.

Kitchen Garden

An arrangement was made to clear the unwanted grass waste all around the hostel/ashram campus and around it in the kitchen garden with the help of superintendents/staff and students of the hostel and prepare the land and transport it to the unusable water kitchen garden. Creative works such as jagging, running, walking were done to the children in the clean ground, and under the Swachh Bharat Mission, hostel superintendents/staff and students gave shramdaan in the kitchen garden and planted greens and fruits.

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