Culture & Heritage

Shri Adishakti Maa Durga Devi “Shaktipeeth” Dhanpur

The district is an ancient historical town called Dhanupar at a distance of 23 km from the Pendrarod railway station of Gaurela-Pendra-Marwahi. Dhanpur was the largest ancient commercial center in the region of Jain religions. In ancient times, Dhanpur was famous as a magnificent city of Jain religions due to being a major trading path. Apart from Jainism, relics related to Shaivism have also been found in Dhanpur. The Rishabhanath pond is located in Dhanupar village, near which a statue of Jain Tirthankar is installed as a village deity under a tree, while on the left a statue of Maa Durga is installed. Many statues related to Jainism are kept in the temple premises. Three km away from the village, a huge black but sandy natural rock has a huge statue of Jainism in a semi-formed position known as Beni Bai. The Tirthankar statue, carved in Karyotsarga posture, is about 25 feet high, this is the only example of a sculpted Jain sculpture in Chhattisgarh region.

Kabir Chabutra

It is known that the great saint Kabir and Guru Nanak Dev met at Kabir Chabutra near Amarkantak from Gaurela, hence this place is playing its important role in the field of religious tourism.

Baiga Tribe

There are many assumptions about the origin of the Baiga tribe. They consider themselves to be Adi Purusha and associate themselves with the origin of the Earth. In his book Russell and Hiralal (1975), it is said that God created the first Nanga Baiga and Nanga Bagin. They lived in the forest. After some time they had two sons, both of them married their sisters. Baiga originated from the first pair and Gond from the second. The Baiga tribes reside in the Macle Range of Kawardha, Rajnandgaon, Mungeli, Bilaspur with the Gaurela-Pendra-Marwahi district. The Baiga tribes serve as priests (priests) of the Gonds. The Baiga tribe is accepted as the most tattooed beloved tribe. The Baiga tribe resides in the village of Kenvachi, Amadob, Dewargaon, Dhanauli, Salheghori, Dahibahra, Andhiyarkhoh, Gorakhpur, Pandaripani, Piparkhunti, Thadpatra and Pakariya under the Panchayats.